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Since the first liquefaction plant was built in Algeria in1964, LNG has now reached a worldwide development. In 2007, LNG represented 7.7% of worldwide gas supply (2,950 bcma). The LNG industry since 2005 has achieved a growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5%; world annual LNG supply reached 240 million tonnes (326 bcma) in 2013 and is expected to reach 600 million tonnes by 2025.

In 2014 there are worldwide more than 40 liquefaction plants (export terminals), 101 regasification terminals (receiving terminals) and 387 LNG ships (with 114 ships in the order book) (Source: IHS Fairplay).

As LNG is a liquid rather than compressed gas, spilled LNG would vaporize rather than explode. This guarantees a high level of security: in the entire lifespan of LNG industry, there have been only two accidents at a liquefaction plant but no significant accidents have occurred at ships or regasification terminals.


World LNG export growth

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