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Gruppo Falcione, founded by L. Falcione in 1955, is a leading player in the Italian energy industry. 2013 group revenues are about € 180 million. The energy business dates to the beginning of the Nineties and is now run by dedicated companies under the holding Burns.

The companies controlled by the holding are:
  • Phlogas (gas sale and trading with 1 bcm of gas sales and 45,000 clients);
  • Compagnia Italiana del Gas (gas import);
  • Molise Gestioni (gas distribution and owner of 300 km of gas network);
  • Trans European Energy (LNG terminal in Albania);
  • Molise Energia (renewable power generation).
It is worth note that Compagnia Italiana del Gas has been the first private company in the world to sign a long-term gas import agreement with Sonatrach via pipeline from Algeria to Italy. The agreement, signed in 2003, is for the delivery of 500 mil cm/yr of gas from October 2008 until 2019 with a possibility to extend until 2026.

Gruppo Falcione is also active in the public and private construction business trough Costruzioni Falcione S.r.l. and in the production of cement trough Conglomerati Falcione.


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Energia Falcione
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